What are the Rules for Photo Sharing?

Sharing photos is supposed to be fun and a nice way to share your adventures or everyday life with your friends on MovieStarPlanet.

Only users above the age of 13 can share Photos on MovieStarPlanet. If you are under 13 years old, you can still view Photos and give “Loves” to your favorite Photos!

To make sure that the photo sharing feature also works as intended, please keep in mind a few rules and precautions.

All photos are approved before you see them on the site. This means that all photos are pre-moderated by real people.

To make sure that you know exactly what is allowed, please read the rules for sharing photos below. Also note that if you set your Photos to “Private”, only your friends will be able see them.

Remember that the usual MovieStarPlanet rules also apply to photo sharing.

Rules for Photo Sharing:

  • Never share any personal information such as

                   your full name

                   phone number

                   home address or e-mail

  • Before sharing photos of other people, be sure to always ask their permission!
  • Bullying and being hurtful through sharing images is not tolerated
  • Violent, inappropriate OR offensive pictures are not allowed
  • People in pictures should always be dressed


If someone posts a picture of you that you did not allow, or if you find pictures to be inappropriate, please report it by using the report button.

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