The Games We Make

Welcome to MovieStarPlanet, BooniePlanet, and BlockStarPlanet!

Our games are developed by a team of designers and developers with a passion for making social and creative games for you and for kids all over the world to enjoy.

In our games you can explore different planets. So whether you are dreaming of being a BIG movie star, love taking care of cute animals, or have a desire to build and explore new worlds, we have a planet for you.

      ★ MovieStarPlanet is about making animated Movies and ArtBooks, designing cool clothes that you can share with others, and of course to chat and have fun with your friends.

      ★ In BlockStarPlanet you can build new worlds and engage in laser shootouts with other BlockStars, or maybe you prefer a fast-paced parkour? 

      ★ BooniePlanet is all about caring. You are the captain and must take care of your Boonie family. Why not enjoy a game of Dress-up, or go to the Boonie Mall to find your next look?

You log in to all three games with the same username and password. This allows you to play three very different games, while staying connected with your friends in any of the other games.

So let your creativity loose, share your creations, chat with new and old friends, and enjoy all the social and creative features each game has to offer.

To let the fun begin, please select the game you would like to play by clicking on one of the buttons below:  



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