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What are Chat rooms?

Do you want to make new friends? Do you want to have a special place where you can chat with other movie stars? If so, try to visit one of our chat rooms.

We have 8 different chat rooms:

  • Cafe
  • Cinema
  • Beach
  • Mall
  • Skate Park
  • VIP Club (VIP members only)
  • Pet park (Have you got a Pet? Take it for a walk!)
  • Weekly Theme Chatroom

Write in the white text field to chat with other movie stars. When you send it, a small speech bubble appears. All movie stars can see what you write.

Once you have entered a chat room, you will be put in a random “room” with other movie stars.

You can switch to a different “room” within the same type of chat room. Next to the room, numbered names show how many movie stars are currently chatting.

To join a chatroom on the MovieStarPlanet app, tab ‘Chat’ and choose a Chatroom:

In the chat room you can use animations and facial expressions to make your messages more personal. Open a chat room on mobile to see how to do that.

We hope that you will have fun chatting.


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