What's in the Shops?

Are you looking to get new clothes, animations or props for your Movies? Then stop by our Shopping area.

You access it directly from the MSP Town:

We have different Shops where you can spend your StarCoins and Diamonds:

Select the Shop that you want to visit.

The Shopping area consists of:

  • Clothing: with clothes, accessories and new haircuts
  • Diamond Shop: a special shop where they only accept Diamonds
  • Beauty Clinic: where you can change the face of your movie star and its skin colour
  • Items: with props for your Movies, ArtBooks and your Room
  • Animations: with lots of amazing animations that you can use on your movie star
  • Backgrounds: with lots of cool backgrounds for your Movies and ArtBooks
  • Music: where you can find music for your Movies

On a mobile device: Tap “Shopping” in MSP Town to access the Shopping area.

Have fun while shopping in MovieStarPlanet!


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