What is My Profile?

Your Profile is all about you. This is where you can tell the other movie stars about yourself and where other movie stars leave messages and greetings for you.

To access your Profile, click on the “My Profile” icon in the top bar:


Your Profile is how other movie stars see you.

It will show them your level and the date you created your account, the thumbnail of your Room, your best friends, your favourites from the game, such as your favourite YouTube video or your favourite Look, and your recent activities.

But there is much more.


Do you want other movie stars to know more about you?

Then you should definitely keep your Biography up to date. 

Your Profile is also the place to check how many Awards you can claim, how many Gifts you received from other users, or to see if any movie star wants to trade items with you. It is also the place to visit if you want to recycle items you no longer use.


You will find all these options in the upper left corner:


To other movie stars, your Profile is a place where they discover who you are. By visiting your Profile, movie stars are able to access all content created by you. Your Profile displays all your Designs, Photos, Movies, ArtBooks, Looks and YouTube videos that you like.

If you want to see content made by other movie stars, just go on their Profile and click on the icons in the upper right corner:



One of those icons holds a very important feature: the Guestbook. The Guestbook is a way for movie stars to leave each other messages (that everyone can see). Do you like someone’s Profile? Let them know about it in their Guestbook.


To leave a message in another movie star’s Guestbook, just write a message in the white comic bubble and press enter.

Profiles are a great way to interact with other movie stars and get to know each other.


Visit the Profiles of other movie stars, read their Biographies and get inspired to create your own unique Profile.

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