How do I get new Clothing?

Do you want your movie star to look cool and trendy? Then you must visit the Clothing shop!

You access it in the Shopping area.

Here you can buy everything you ever dreamed of: shirts, tops, pants, skirts and dresses, shoes, cool accessories and awesome new hairstyles.


When you select an item you wish to buy, it will automatically be fitted on your movie star and added to your shopping basket:

You can even select the colour of most available items to create your unique style:

Note that some items are VIP exclusive and can only be purchased by VIP members. Some items cost Diamonds, and you can buy these items even if your VIP has expired, as long as you have enough Diamonds.

Once you are ready to purchase the items of your choice, go to your basket by clicking the pink button in the bottom right corner that says “Basket”:

You can buy the items one by one by clicking the pink “Buy” button next to each item, or buy all items at once by clicking the pink button that says “Buy All” at the bottom of the basket window.

Remember to select the right colours for your items. Make sure your basket contains only items that you want to buy before clicking “Buy All”.

Items you cannot afford at the moment can be added to your Wishlist. Click here to learn more.


Didn’t find the item you were looking for? Try to browse through all different categories to find it quicker.

On the left side you can sort the items by:

  • New: where you find the newest items
  • Themes: where items are sorted by the Weekly Themes
  • Top: where you find the items most popular at the moment
  • Designs: where you can buy designs created by other movie stars
  • Friends: where you find items recently bought by your friends

On the right side you can sort the items by:

  • Dresses (girls only)
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Hair

That should help you find just what you are looking for.

The Clothing shop is also available on our app. To access it, tap “Shopping” and then “Clothes”:

See you in the shop!


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