What is Fame Magazine?

The Fame Magazine shows you what happened on your account while you were offline. You can for example see how many “Love its” each of your creations got, how many Autographs you received, or how many new views your Movies had. This Fame is automatically added to your account.

But there is more! The extra Fame bonuses next to each little window is your bonus Fame for opening the Fame Magazine.

So you get extra Fame for opening the Fame Magazine, and that’s on top of the Fame you’ve already earned in your Fame Bar and Piggy Bank.

You need to earn lots of Fame to reach Stardom movie star. This can be quite a challenge, but if you play regularly and create awesome content on your account, you will be rewarded with lots of Fame that will help you level up quickly.

Who knows, maybe you will become the next, most creative Movie making star of all?


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