How do I create a safe password?

Do you have a key to your house? If so, take a good look at it. See all the little details that make it unique? Funny shapes, triangles in weird places? Some keys are small, others are big, but if you compare them, you will notice that they are all different.

In that way they can only open one particular door.

We want you to imagine the password to your movie star as the key to your house. Is it complicated enough? Is it weird and unusual? How many doors do you think it might be opening?

If you think your current password is not weird unique, it is time to change it!

Here is what you can to do select a strong, safe and unique password:

  • Your new password should be consist of at least 8 characters and be hard to guess (even by your close friends). It should also contain letters as well as numbers.
    • Try to combine a few words together: Do you like strawberry cake? Dance music? Funny clouds? Little bunnies? Well, here you go!
  • Your password should not contain any personal information such as your birth date, real name, city, your pet's name, or any other words that can be guessed by people who know even very little about you.
    • Why not pick a word or two from your favourite song or movie? Do you remember the title of the last book you read? Make it your password.
  • Don't pick an easy password. Passwords such as “qwerty123” or “abc789” are not strong, unique or safe.
    • Are you currently learning a foreign language at school? What is the word you like the most in that language? How do you write “twenty-one” in that other language? If you make it your password, it will be pretty hard to guess.


We would also like to remind you that for safety reasons, the password for your movie star should be different than the password for your email or Skype/YouTube account. Remember, it should only be opening that one door!


And don't forget: the stronger your password, the safer your account!


Now let's go and make your password super strong and safe again! If you don’t know yet how to change your password, you can learn about it here.

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