What are the Rules of MovieStarPlanet?

To make sure that MovieStarPlanet is as friendly and nice a place as possible, we have developed a few set of rules that apply to all movie stars:

  1. Do not share your password and do not ask another user for their password. MovieStarPlanet never asks users for their password, and users should never reveal their MovieStarPlanet password in any forum, either in-game or outside of the website.
  2. Do not reveal such details as your real name or password on the promise of a free VIP membership or StarCoins, Diamonds or other prizes/rewards. Nobody needs your password to give you VIP membership or StarCoins, Diamonds or other prizes/rewards.
  3. Do not reveal personal information (such as real name, email, phone number, age, address, name of school, or usernames of Facebook, Skype, MSN etc.) in chatroom, forums, news slider, photos, or other social networking features. However, MovieStarPlanet can add in-game features where your participation requires you to give certain information, on a voluntary basis, e.g. to select your school. You can at any time remove this information.
  4. Do not write things that are sexually suggestive or racist.
  5. Do not select a username that refers to gender issues or sexuality, and do not use your real name as your username.
  6. Do not harass or annoy other users or ask for items. Do not offer other users items, gifts or prizes in exchange for anything.
  7. Do not use offensive language. Abusive behaviour is not allowed.
  8. Do not pretend to be or impersonate a staff member/moderator of MovieStarPlanet. A real moderator can be identified by a moderator badge, which will be displayed at all times.
  9. Do not break or attempt to break any copyright laws.
  10. Do not send chain letters and do not copy/paste chain letters.
  11. Do not talk about how to cheat and do not use cheats to progress in the game. Using cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the game experience is not allowed.
  12. Do not try to steal or trick items from other users.
  13. Do not advertise or try to advertise for products or services of commercial interest.
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