What is the Highscores?

The Highscores show the movie stars with the highest level, which are those who have earned the most Fame and created the most popular content.

Browsing through the categories in the Highscores, you will also find the most popular:

  • Movies
  • Rooms
  • Looks
  • ArtBooks
  • YouTube videos
  • Pets
  • Clothes
  • Items
  • Backgrounds
  • Animations

Go to the Highscores to find inspiration for your next ArtBook, Movie or Look.

You find the Highscores in the top bar while playing on a computer:


When looking at movie stars, you can choose between displaying movie stars who have logged in recently, or the most high scoring movie stars of all time.


You can also see who of your friends has the highest level.

To access the Highscores on the app, tap “Fame & Fortune”, then “Highscores”:

While you are there, why not to check out some of the cool content these movie stars have created?

You can also purchase things such as Clothes or Items directly from the Highscores if you are looking to get your hands on the popular stuff.


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