What do I get when I buy a TopUp?

When I buy a TopUp, do I get in-game currencies for all games?

The short answer is: no.


When you buy a VIP subscription or TopUp in one of our games, you receive in-game currency for that specific game only.



You bought a VIP package on BlockStarPlanet, and you got Coins and Diamonds. When you log in to MovieStarPlanet, you are a VIP member, but you do not receive any Diamonds or StarCoins. This is because the VIP subscription was purchased on BlockStarPlanet, not on MovieStarPlanet.

The cool part about a VIP membership is that when you buy VIP in any of MovieStarPlanet’s games (BlockStarPlanet, MovieStarPlanet, MovieStarPlanet 2) you become VIP in all our games!

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