How to trade items?

Did you know that you can trade items with other movie stars in MovieStarPlanet? It means that you can exchange an item that you have for one offered by another movie star. It’s super easy.

To start trading items, first click on the movie star you want to trade with, then click on “Trade”:



A small window will pop up with all the items that you currently possess:




Select the item that you want to trade, then click on the violet “Trade” button in the bottom right corner.



A trade request will be sent to the movie star that you have chosen. Now all you have to do is wait to see what they offer you back.


To see if anyone wants to trade items with you, go to your Profile and click on the “My Trades” tab.


The “New Trades” tab shows you all new trade requests that movie stars have sent you. To handle a trade request, just click on the blue-green arrows:




You will be able to choose the item you want to trade for the one that you are about to receive.

Again, select the item you want to trade and when ready, click on the violet “Trade” button in the bottom right corner.

Once the other movie star accepts your choice of item, that’s it! Your have traded items and can see them in your accounts.


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