How do I get Friends on MovieStarPlanet?

MovieStarPlanet is all about making new friends and connecting with the friends you already have. This article explains how to find friends and send them friend requests. It’s super easy, just wait and see!

  • How do I find Friends?

The Friend button is located in the top bar:

Write the username or part of the username in the search field, then the person you are looking for will appear:

Click on the movie star of your choice to open their Profile. If you want to send them a friend request, please click on the blue “Ask to be friends” icon:

Once your friend request has been accepted by the other user, they will appear in your activity bar. You will now be notified each time your friend makes new content or sends you a chat message.

  • How do I accept a Friend Request?

If a movie star has sent you a friend request that you would like to accept, please click directly on the invitation - or go to the “Friends” area. Here the friend request will appear and you can accept it.

Please note that you can deny the friend / best friend / boyfriend / girlfriend request by clicking on the red X. Once you have done that, the request will be removed.

  • Are there limits on the number of Friends I can have?

 The higher your level, the more friends you can add. To see how many Friends you can have at your current level, please go to the “Friends” area and open the “My Friends” Tab. Here you can see how many friends you can have.

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