How do I send a Message to a movie star?

MovieStarPlanet is all about making new friends and connecting with existing friends. Chatting with your friends is easy.

You can send a Message to any movie star you want. Just click on their avatar, then click on the “Send Message” button:

Your “Messages” area will pop up and you will be able to write a message to that movie star.

Write what you want in the white comic bubble at the bottom, press enter and… that’s it. Your message has been sent.

You can also go through the Messages section and from there select the friend you want to send a message.


Did you know that you can chat with another movie star and play the game at the same time? Just click on the small blue button in the upper right corner:

Your conversation will be displayed in a little window. This allows you to do other things while chatting with your friends.


If you want to chat with more than one movie star at the same time, all you need to do is to invite your friends to the group chat. Just click on the “Invite friends” button in the upper right corner:


You can also chat with your friends on the MSP app. To access your Messages, tap “Messages” in the bottom left corner.

Try to rotate your smartphone or tablet while chatting. You will get a full screen view of your inbox, which makes it super easy to write messages to your friends.

Staying in touch with your friends is important, so don’t forget to check your messages regularly.


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