I received a lock number - why?

Did you get a message saying that your access to the game has been blocked?

This message means that our moderators have observed inappropriate activities on the IP address you're trying to connect from, and therefore they decided to block it.

It may have been something your user (or someone who played our game from the same internet connection as you) has written or created. Or simply something that the user has done that we for safety reasons do not accept in our community.

Please remember to always play by the rules. You can read them here.

If you are certain that this occurred in error, you may write us on Support. Please don’t forget to send along:

  • Your username and maybe other accounts you recently logged in on
  • Lock number (the number that appears when you try to log in from a computer)
  • A brief description of why you think this lock is a mistake


If you need further assistance you can contact us here.

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