How do I use the Parental Controls?

As a parent/guardian you can access the Parental Control Center once an underage has provided your email address as their parental email.


You will receive an initial email from us containing general information about the feature and a link that lets you confirm you are the parent/guardian of the user in question.

Once you have confirmed this, you will receive a second email containing the activation link for your parental account.


If you do not receive a second link, you are likely already signed up to the parental control center, and can login or reset your password.


How do I sign up to the Parental Control center?

The message shown below is sent to the parental email provided by the player.




Click on "Activation page" to confirm your consent. This will enable the user to use the game's social features such as chatrooms.




Once that is done, you will receive a second email with more information and a request to create a parental unique to your email, including a password of your own choosing.


Open the second email you have received from MovieStarPlanet and click "Go to Parental Control Center" to finalise the sign-up process.



Once you have signed up, you can make changes to the account/s assigned under your parental controls as you see fit.

Among other things, you can reset the password for a user's account.



I have forgotten the password for my parental account

Please use the 'forgot my password' button on the front page of the parental control center to reset your password.



I am not certain if I am signed up to the Parental Control Center 

Please try resetting your password following the steps above. If your email is not currently in the system, you will receive an error message.


I need to change the assigned parental control e-mail or I have other issues using the Parental Control Center.

Please contact our Support directly by clicking here.

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