Voting in Competitions

To vote in the weekly competition you need to have a Jury or Judge badge.

  • Both Jury and Judge users can vote in the competition, but a Judge's vote counts double.
  • You can only cast your votes in the Competition once it's closed for entries, but before the winners are chosen. 
  • You can only vote in the downloadable version of the game.
  • When the competition is Open you cannot vote, as players can still submit content. However, you can see when the competition closes.
  • Voting doesn't restrict you from submitting content yourself, so go ahead and participate all you want!
  • You can cast your vote in all 4 categories. 

To review the submitted content and vote for your favorite, follow these steps:

  1. Go to MovieTown
  2. Click on Competitions
  3. Now, on the competition screen, pay attention to the dates and the arrows in the top.


Since a new Competition opens every time we add a new theme (every Thursday), depending on when you're looking at the content, you might need to click on an arrow > to find the recent competition where winners have not yet been chosen.

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