How do I get a refund?

For general information about our refund policy, please see these excerpts from our Terms and Conditions:



Once purchases are made on MovieStarPlanet websites (including VIP subscriptions, StarCoins, and other Virtual Goods, etc.), Users forgo their right to a monetary refund. Exceptions to this are made at the sole discretion of MovieStarPlanet. 




If a User makes any unauthorized payment to MovieStarPlanet - regardless of payment method - the account will be permanently deleted. In general, if a User does not abide by these terms and conditions, the account may be terminated with the subsequent loss of any in-game currency and/or Virtual Goods the profile may have attained. Furthermore, if a User deletes his/her own MovieStarPlanet account, the User will also lose any in-game currency left in the account.



To dispute a purchase please contact Support.


In order to avoid any misuse, please include the following information:

  • Username(s) and domain(s)
  • Related receipts, including order number(s)

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