What are Quests?

Winter, spring, summer, fall… the changing of the seasons often happens so subtly that it can feel like time flies by at a moment’s notice. 🍃🍂 


In MovieStarPlanet 2, we will occasionally introduce season-appropriate quests and characters. 


These are only available for a short time, and participating could award you with some exclusive items.

Typically we also introduce a temporary shop keeper for the season, so sort through their unique wares while you can.


For example, during Easter 2023, Hatty has visited us and brought along a merry sortiment of spring-related items, but only after dropping eggs all over MovieStarPlanet 2. Thankfully, those eggs typically contained gifts, and not … well, egg.  🍳 



Our visitors will usually give you a task or two - if you get stuck on a task, why not ask your fellow movie stars for help?

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