Why should I enter my email?

Was it cutepuppies1? 

No, that's for another game... Mmm, maybe OrangeDinosaur77? 

Nope, didn't work either...


We all know the feeling. When you're attempting to sign into an account, and you just can't remember the password! 😫


You may have seen a HelpCenter article, or an email from BSP in which we use the terms "email registration" or "email validation". But what does this actually mean? And why does it matter?


The answer is ...Security!

Everyone forgets their password at one point, yes even you, and even the writer of this article!

So, what do we do?

Well, we use our emails to reset it! This article explains how to go about assigning an email to your account. 


It is not mandatory to register an email in BlockStarPlanet, but we highly encourage it. 

❕ The account's password cannot be changed without accessing the email.  


❕ You will be able to reset your password immediately if you forget it - you don't even have to contact Support (although we love hearing from you ❤️)


❕There are no limits to how many BSP accounts you can assign to the same email. 🥳


Now is a good time to check that your email account's password does not match your BSP account's password.

You should never assign an email to your profile that you don't have access to yourself - unless agreed with a parent/guardian where applicable.

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