How do I make a Movie?

Do you dream about becoming a movie director? Do you have a story to tell? We got you covered! Let the movie production begin!


There are endless ways of expressing yourself through a Movie - you can even feature your friends, clothes, or your favourite piece of decor. Only your imagination sets the limits.


The video below will show you the basics of Movie creation. Scroll down in this article for more details.



Once you’ve saved your Movie, you can edit it any time you want below we’ve shown how to add more time in a scene, and how to change the name of a featured star.



You can also delete entire Scenes from a Movie (these cannot be restored, so please only delete a Scene if you’re certain!)



You can copy and reuse scenes as many times as you need to:



If you’re not sure how you want your Movie to end, you can always play around and save your Movies as private and edit them later. Watch Movies made by others for inspiration or new ideas on how to use the tools! Why not leave a nice comment for someone? 

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