How do I change my password on MovieStarPlanet2?

Step one: Your account needs to be validated with an email address.

You can change your password on MovieStarPlanet2 at any time after registering an email to your account.

You cannot change the password at will before this step is completed. Click here to read more about email registration.


Step two: Go to the front page, enter your username and click "Forgot Password"

You must do this even if you haven't forgotten your password, and you just want to change it. 




Once you have entered your email address, you will receive an email. Click on this link, and you will be able to change your password.




Parental controls/underage users:

If you are an underage user and you want to change your password, you need to reach out to the parent/guardian whose email is tied to your account.  The parent/guardian must sign in to the Parental Control Center in order to change your password. 

If you are uncertain whether or not the account is under parental controls, or you are a parent/guardian and have questions about this feature, please reach out to our Support by clicking here


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