Sign up and get full access

Once you enter the game and interact with the world, you will likely see this message pop up:


You can now choose to sign up, or click the red X to remain a Guest.


NOTE: If you close the browser, or the app to log out before completing the sign-up process, your Guest account will be erased immediately.

If you have closed the “sign up”-window and change your mind, you can reopen it by either:

  • Clicking in the chat bar where it says “Say something…”
  • Clicking on “Settings” and then “log out” - you will see the prompt again before you sign out.

When you click on “Sign up now!”, the first step is to enter your birth year.

This article explains why.


Players under 13 will need to enter a parental email and cannot access the full game without parental permission.



Players above 13 can proceed with creating a password.


Once you’ve chosen a safe password, you have to accept our Terms and Conditions. You can read them in full here.

Click ‘Accept and play’, and you’re ready to take the MovieStarPlanet2 world by storm. Why not say something nice to the first player you see?

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