What is a Guest account?

In MovieStarPlanet2, we have made something new: a “Guest” account. All newly-made accounts will be prompted to either register or stay as a Guest.


To learn more about signing up, click here


What can I do with a Guest account? 

A Guest account lets you check out the cool features without having to come up with a password. You can create as many Guest accounts as you want.


A Guest account can:

check.PNGVisit the clothing shop

check.PNGExplore the game’s features, with limited participation

check.PNGEarn/spend StarCoins


A Guest cannot:

lock.PNGChat with other movie stars

lock.PNGAdd friends

lock.PNGKeep the StarCoins they earn on that account the next time they play

lock.PNGKeep the username they made

lock.PNGPurchase VIP

lock.PNGAccess that Guest account again once they log out/close the game


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