How do I earn Fame?

Fame is how your MovieStar levels upfamestar.png


New players start at level 0 and the more you play, the more you rise through the ranks, all the way to level 100. Like a true MovieStar!


There are many ways to earn Fame and level up. Some of them are listed here:

  • Be VIP, which earns you more Fame.
  • Complete the daily goals: Come back every day to complete new exciting goals. The higher level the more Fame you earn.
  • Claim the daily gifts: Come back every day to explore the chatrooms and claim the hidden gifts. VIPs can also claim the daily VIP gifts.
  • Play Star Quiz: Compete against your friends and win a round of Star Quiz. The higher your level, the more Fame you earn.
  • Go shopping: Earn Fame every day for the first 200 StarCoins and 5 Diamonds you spend.
  • Get autographs: When you send or receive an autograph you earn Fame. The higher your level the more Fame the receiver gets.
  • Pet pets: Explore other players’ homes and pet their pets. Or buy a pet from the Diamond package and pet it in your own home.
  • Create content: When other players like your Looks and ArtBooks, or visit your Home (unlocked at level 3) you earn Fame.
  • Write nice comments: You earn Fame when other players like the comments you wrote.
  • Give gifts: Send gifts to other players and get Fame in return (unlocked at level 8).

You can also access this list by clicking the Fame icon on the activity bar at the top of the screen. Check it regularly so you never miss an opportunity to claim your Fame!



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