How do I block and unblock users?

You can block a user if you do not want them to be able to contact you. It’s your decision whether you want to block a user, and you can unblock the user if you change your mind.

To block a user:

  • Click on their username to display their personal profile
  • Click the “Report bad behavior” button report_icon_2.png
  • You can choose the type of behavior you’ve experienced, and then choose to report or block the user. 
  • Or, you can click on the last option “I just don’t like [username]” to get directly to the blocking menu from where you can choose to block and/or report the user. 

Report: Reports a user’s behavior to MovieStarPlanet.

Block: Prevents a user from engaging with your content and from messaging you.

Unfriend: Removes the user from your friend list. 


Below you can watch a video showing you how to do it:

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