What does GDPR & COPPA mean for MovieStarPlanet2?

At MovieStarPlanet we have always been very focused on complying with the rules and regulations of various countries. GDPR & COPPA are no exceptions.

We also know that many children absolutely love our game and that it helps them grow online.


Underage users are able to play MovieStarPlanet. However, when using a social feature they will be asked to sign up a parent/legal guardians e-mail address. Once they've done that, their parent/legal guardian will receive an e-mail invite to our Parental Control Center. There they will be able to toggle permissions for their child's account.

Sections of the game where you can enter a text may be restricted until you are no longer a minor or you receive your parents’ permission to use social features on MovieStarPlanet.

The following features can be restricted by parental settings:

All chat communication

Notifications of chat messages and friend requests

Notifications of promotional content.


Read here how to get Parental Permission.

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