How do I earn StarCoins?

StarCoins are the currency on MovieStarPlanet 2. All MovieStars can earn StarCoins. sc_icon.png


There are several ways to earn them. And the best part is that you can earn StarCoins every day. 


Here is a list of how to earn StarCoins. 

  • Buy a VIP package or a Top-up package if you are already VIP. This is the fastest way to get StarCoins!
  • Claim your Daily Log-in reward: Play every day to claim your daily log-in bonus in the Reward Center. VIP players can claim an extra VIP bonus.
  • Claim the daily gifts: Come back every day to explore the chatrooms and claim the hidden gifts. VIP Players can also claim the hidden VIP gifts.
  • Play Star Quiz: Compete against your friends, test your knowledge and win a round.
  • Level up: Earn Fame and get a StarCoin reward every time you reach a new level.

You can also access this list by clicking the StarCoin icon on the activity bar at the top of the screen.

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