How do I explore Prefabs?

"Mr. Gorblockev, tear down that Prefab!"


What are Prefabs?

Prefab is a Pre-fabricated item that you can add to your world.

It can be a house, a tree, or even a cat.

Using Prefabs is a great and fast way to build a World.

Do one of the following to explore the most popular or newly created Prefabs:

  • Click on Explore
  • Click on Prefabs


So many to choose from. You can make the decision a bit easier by selecting:



  • New - The latest
  • Top - The greatest
  • Friends - Your friends' creations
  • Mine - Your own fabrications
  • Search - Simply search for a Prefab



Once you find the Prefab that is right for you, click on "Use it" to add it to your new or old World!


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