How do I get a new Background?


"Never put BlockStar in the Background!" - Ancient BlockStar teaching

Time to find some amazing Backgrounds to use for your newly built World!

Start by going to the Nexus and locate the Shop, which looks like a shopping basket.bsp_mini_icon_shop.png


*Psst! You can take a shortcut by clicking on this icon on your screen.


The next step is to select the Backgrounds icon.


While in the store, you will be able to select totally amazing Backgrounds to use when creating your Worlds.


  • The Blue ones you can purchase with Coins
  • The Yellow ones you can buy only if you are a VIP member
  • The Purple ones can be purchased with the premium currency called Diamonds

You can also search for Backgrounds using these categories:



  • Select the Background you want
  • Click on "Buy"
  • The Background is now yours

No time to sit around! You have Worlds to create?;)

*Tip: You can also go to the Shop by clicking on the blue globe in the top left hand corner. bsp_shortcut_icon.png

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