How do I get new Blocks?

Block are used to create and change your Worlds and Robots.

Where do you find new Blocks?

You will find them in the Shop.


  • Go to the Nexus
  • Locate the Shop
  • Click on the Shop
  • Select Blocks



Here you will find tons of fun Blocks that you can use for your Worlds and Robots.

bsp_icon_block_brick.png bsp_icon_block_cateye.png bsp_icon_block_wood.png

You can select: 

       New - The latest Blocks

       Top - The most popular Blocks

       Friends - Blocks that your Friends own

       Mine - Blocks that you own

       Search - Search for Blocks


The GREEN background Blocks are the ones you own already.

The BLUE can be purchased using in-game currency called Coins.

The PURPLE ones can be bought with Diamonds.

  • Select a Block
  • Select colours from the colour wheel
  • Click Buy


You now own a new Block and can use it for your Worlds and BlockStar.


*Tip: The Shop can also be reached by pressing on the blue globe in the top left hand corner.




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