I forgot my username

If you've lost your account because you can't remember the username - even if you didn't forget the password - it might not be possible to recover the account.


You have the following options:

  • Check the email address that you signed up with for older emails relating to the account. These will typically contain the username.
  • If you are an underage user, your parent's / guardian's Parental Account may contain the correct username. They can check this by accessing the Parental Control Center. Read more about that here.
  • Check your emails for VIP/TopUp receipts. If you have made the purchase via credit card and have not opted out of, or deleted, the payment receipt, you may have a receipt with the name on it.
  • Use the device/s you have accessed the account from in the past. The username may still be on the front page - though if you have changed phone/tablet/computer or deleted the temporary data on the device, this information is not retained.

If this doesn't apply / does not help, you will unfortunately have to consider the account lost.

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