What are rares?

"Rare items", or more commonly, "Rares" are items such as clothing, accessories, hairstyles, Shoes or beauty items that you cannot purchase through the shop in-game.

They can typically only be obtained by buying Diamond TopUp or 1 Year VIP, by participating in a time-limited event, a Rare Week, or by trading with other movie stars.


Campaign items:

These are classified as "rare" because they're only available with 1 year VIP or a Diamond TopUp, and only for a limited time.

We update these campaigns every 14 days. You can always check how many days remain of the current campaign.

Non-VIP members: Click on the VIP badge to open the Shop screen.

VIP members: Click on the Diamond badge to visit the Shop screen, then click on 'VIP Shop'.







Note: These are typically referred to as "dpack rares" or "dp rares" by players.


Limited events:

Every so often you'll see quest characters in the Plaza or elsewhere in the game.

These characters might have a unique shop that's only available for a limited time period. Typically their daily selection will change.

Other characters will have you complete tasks for them in order to obtain a reward that's only available through their quest.

Since the availability of that item is restricted by participating, the item rewards will eventually become rare. 


Rare week:

If you're an old school MSP player you know all about rare week. If not, don't worry - the concept is quite simple. Items that are not normally available for purchase in the shops become available for a one-week period. Typically it will be through a Rare Week theme.

These items may be old items that were removed from the game for design reasons, or they could be old Diamond campaign items.


We don't announce these ahead of time, but if we are close to a rare week, you might see teasers in the game news, and on our official social media.


Getting rares for trading:

If you're starting from scratch, it can be difficult to collect rares for trading (or just admiring in your wardrobe). That's why they're called rares, after all! 😊


You may have luck participating in "giveaways" by other movie stars. It is very common for other players to announce these through ArtBooks. Make sure to read the steps they want you to follow closely, and accept that you may not win a random draw.


Bear in mind that begging or harassing players for items is considered rude. 

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