What do I get when I buy VIP in BlockStarPlanet?

There are many benefits to being a VIP member. Read more below: 



  • Earn even more EXP and rise to the top of the leaderboard!famestar.png
  • Spend quality time with your friends by creating a Friends Only world.

In the creative area, VIP members will have more options to customize their BlockStar, Worlds and Homes.

  • VIP-only blocks, effects and backgrounds.
  • Let your imagination loose on the biggest canvases and spruce it up with VIP Music, Skydomes and World Specials!


Buy VIP-only Pets, Eyes, Weapons and even Diamond items! Diamond.png



Give a Cheer every 2 minutes! 


VIP Home:

VIP members can choose an exclusive house design with the most space. 


You can always click the VIP/Coins icon in the game to see the products available.



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