What do I get when I buy VIP in MovieStarPlanet 2?

There are many benefits to being a VIP member. Read more below: 



  • Hang out and chat in the VIP-only chatroom.
  • Earn even more Fame and rise to the top of the leaderboard!famestar.png


In the creative area, VIP members will have more options to customize their ArtBooks and Movies to express their creativity. studio_icon_2.png

  • Limitless creativity! Non-VIP members can only save 5 Looks, Movies and ArtBooks daily. For VIP members there are no limits.
  • VIP-only Music tracks.
  • Adjusting the intensity of weather/special effects in Movies and ArtBooks.
  • More options for text effects (Colors, highlight, shading)



Buy VIP clothes, hair, accessories and even Diamond items! shoppingbag.pngDiamond.png


Daily VIP gifts:

VIP members can open daily VIP presents with StarCoins and Fame.


Weekly login rewards:

VIP members can claim their weekly login reward every Friday. 



VIP members can receive VIP gifts, including items purchased with Diamonds. Diamond.png



Give Autographs every 2 minutes! auto_icon_2.png


VIP Home:

VIP members can choose an exclusive house design with the most space. 


You can always click the VIP/StarCoins icon in the game to see the products available.


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