What are Animations?

Acting is all about body language. To become a successful movie star, use animations to express a wide range of emotions.

The animations are mostly used in Movies and ArtBooks, but you can also use your animations while writing a status update, in a Chat room or even while visiting a friend’s Room.

Lucky for you, we have lots of different animations. You find them in the Animations shop in the Shopping area.

Here you find animations that will make your movie star dance, jump, have tea, paint, play football and much more.

Note that some of the items are VIP exclusive or can only be purchased for Diamonds.

Once you have chosen an animation, it will loop in the preview window on the right side:

If you want to buy it, just click on the pink “Buy” button in the bottom right corner:


Didn’t find the animation you were looking for? Try to browse through all different categories to find it quicker.

On the left side you can sort the animations by:

  • New: where you find the newest items
  • Top: where you find the items most popular at the moment
  • Friends: where you find the items recently bought by your friends


On the right side you can sort the animations by:

  • Animals & Pets
  • Party & Fashion
  • Sporty
  • Wild & Crazy
  • Love & Emotions
  • Basic
  • Acting & Dancing
  • Poses
  • Fun & Cool
  • Fighting


The Animation shop is also available on our app. To access it, tap “Shopping” and then “Animations”.

See you in the shop!


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