What are Gifts?

We all love to receive gifts. Did you know that you can give gifts to other movie stars? It is a nice way to let someone know that you appreciate them.

If you want to give another movie star a gift while playing on a computer, just click on the movie star’s Profile and select the “Give Gift” option:

Then select the item you want to give to that movie star:

Once you have selected the item you want to give, press the “Give Gift” button in the bottom right corner:

And that’s it! The movie star of your choice will see your gift in their “My Gifts” area in their Profile. It’s the same place you go to see if any movie stars has given you a gift. Just click on the “My Gifts” tab in your Profile:

Here you will find and open all gifts that other movie stars have given you. Just click on the colourful presents you see in the “New Gifts” tab:

You can go through all gifts (given and received) by switching to the “Received” or “Given” tabs, and you can check how many items you have on your Wishlist.

And to make it even more cool, the Gifts feature is also available on our app! To access it on the app, first tap “Fame & Fortune”, then “My Gifts”:

To give someone a gift on the app, just click the violet present icon in the upper right corner, select a friend, then the item you want to give them.

There are many cool items in our Shops that you can offer your friends as a gift. Take them by surprise!


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