What is the 2022 Bonus?

The 2022 Bonus was part of introducing subscriptions and the new Top-Ups.


2022 Bonus on VIP subscriptions.

As subscriptions were a whole new way of buying VIP, we wanted to give some extra for the first months.


But what is the 2022 Bonus?

When you purchase a subscription in 2022, you get a higher amount of StarCoins and Diamonds for the rest of 2022.


For example, if you buy a 1 month subscription in 2022, you will get 15,000 StarCoins and 120 Diamonds every month for the rest of 2022.

From 1st January 2023, you will receive 10,000 StarCoins and 100 Diamonds every month when the subscription renews.


And that is the 2022 Bonus!



The 2022 Bonus on Top-ups

Top-Ups are one-off purchases where you can Top-Up your StarCoins and Diamonds.

The 2022 Bonus on Top-ups means you get more StarCoins and Diamonds with your purchase in the rest of 2022.

From Jan.1st, 2023, you will get the amount that is currently crossed over.


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