Upgrading your VIP subscription

You might want to change the frequency of your subscription payments. How you do this depends on where / on which device you bought your subscription.


I bought my subscription on web (incl. On downloadable) or on GooglePlay/ Android device:

To change your subscription, you will have to cancel your current subscription and buy a new one. The newly purchased VIP subscription will start as soon as your current subscription runs out. So you will not miss a day of being VIP.


Click here to see how to cancel your subscription.


Click here to read about how to purchase a VIP Subscription



I bought my subscription on AppStore / Apple device 

VIP subscriptions purchased via Apple (iTunes) cannot be up, or downgraded from within the MovieStarPlanet2 app, or by MovieStarPlanet support, as these purchases are connected to your Apple ID. 


If you do not have access to the Apple account, please contact Apple account support.


Note: You cannot have more than one active subscription per Apple ID. You cannot have multiple users with active VIP subscriptions purchased through one Apple ID - not even if the subscriptions have different durations.

If you wish to purchase a VIP subscription to more accounts, please contact support for further guidance.


The links below will provide you with more information about Apple subscriptions, and how to switch to a different MovieStarPlanet2 VIP subscription.

If you have questions about subscriptions, or otherwise are in need of assistance please contact our Customer Support by clicking here



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