What are the rules of MovieStarPlanet2

We want to make sure that our games are fun and safe for everyone. That is why we need you to follow our rules. They are in place for your safety.


If you break the rules, you may receive a warning or your account could be suspended temporarily or permanently.


🔑 Always keep your password secret


If you tell another player your password, there is a great risk your account will be compromised. This means your StarCoins / Diamonds or even your favorite outfits and furniture could be gone the next time you log in. You may even lose access to your account entirely.

Not even your closest friend should know your password.


Other players might ask for your password, promising free VIP in return. This is a trick to gain access to your account. Further, don’t change your password to something somebody else is telling you to. If you do that, they will now know your password. 


🌐 Tip:

Create a strong password - if you don’t know how, ask a parent/legal guardian or read this article for help. 


🛑 Keep private information private

Never share personal information that can reveal your identity. 

This includes your:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Home address
  • School
  • Social media accounts - This includes usernames for social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms. 

MovieStarPlanet/MovieStarPlanet 2/BlockStarPlanet may offer or add in-game features where your participation requires you to give certain information, on a voluntary basis. You can remove this information at any time.


 📝 Think before you type


Please use  language that is friendly and respectful to your fellow players. A sentence that takes a few seconds to type could stay with a person for a long time. 


We understand that conversations can get heated. If you feel a chat is getting out of hand, you can always take a break from it. 


Writing inappropriate words as well as trying to bypass the word filter can lead to a suspension from the game. 


🌐 Tip: If another player is writing things that make you feel uncomfortable, you can use the block or report tools in the game.


💢 No cheating allowed


We believe in fair gaming. 


Using software such as bots or automated scripts to gain EXP/Fame is grounds for a permanent ban from the game.


Impersonation of staff members, or threatening/harassing other players to send gifts or help you gain levels is not allowed. 


©️ Copyright


All content is the property of MovieStarPlanet group of games.

You may not use MovieStarPlanet / MovieStarPlanet 2 / BlockStarPlanet artwork and content outside of the games. You may not monetize our intellectual property. 


It is against the rules to advertise products or services without our explicit permission. 


You are not allowed to give away/or sell your profile/avatar/account/user. 


You are not allowed to monetize on MovieStarPlanet / MovieStarPlanet 2 / BlockStarPlanet image & content


Do not break or attempt to break any copyright laws


Never advertise or try to advertise for products or services of commercial interest.

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