How do I use the Parental Control Center?

Did your child sign up for MovieStarPlanet games on a European server?
If so, they will be asked about their age when trying to use our social features.

If they are underage, they will be prompted to enter the email of a parent/legal guardian.


You will receive an email requesting consent and will be invited to sign up for our Parental Control Center.

Check the consent box and then finish creating your Parental Control Center account.


Welcome to the Parental Control Center!

The Parental Control Center allows you to monitor your child's permissions and accounts.

     ★ Password reset
     ★ Manage permissions for the various social features of our games
     ★ Manage the assigned email
     ★ Overview of all accounts created within the MovieStarPlanet Group of Games 

If you want to sign in to the Parental Control Center, please click here.

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