What are the Rules of BlockStarPlanet?


We want to make sure that our games are fun and safe for everyone. That is why we need you to follow these simple rules. If you break the rules, you may receive a warning or your account could be suspended.

🔑 Your password is secret

It is important that you never share your password/account or ask another user for their password/account EVER! No matter what you may be promised by another user, do not give them your password.

No matter what! Imagine that it’s a diary, locked away and only for your eyes to see! Don’t even tell your pet, no matter how trustworthy.



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  • Never share your password
  • Never ask another user for their password
  • Never give your password away in exchange for VIP membership
  • Never share your account with other users
  • BlockStarPlanet staff never asks users for their passwords.



🌐 Tip:
Make a strong password - if you don’t know how, ask a parent/legal guardian or read this article for help. Make sure to use both letters, numbers, and symbols to make the most super safe password ever.

🛑 Never share personal information

Never share personal information that can reveal your identity. This includes information such as your full name, phone number, home address, school, or other social media accounts.  

MovieStarPlanet/BlockStarPlanet/BooniePlanet can add in-game features where your participation requires you to give certain information, on a voluntary basis. You can at any time remove this information.



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  • Never share your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, KIK, Snapchat, Twitter, Skype etc.
  • Never share your home address, e-mail address or anything containing the word (address)
  • Never share your full name, phone number or school.
  • Never share your account with other users. When someone promises you free VIP for your password it is someone trying to scam you.



 📝 Think before you write

Keep your language clean and be respectful to your fellow gamers.
Remember that when you write something, another person is reading what you wrote.
Writing and talking with other people online is just like talking to them in real life.



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  • Keep your language clean and respectful.
  • Never curse or write sexual inappropriate things.
  • Never use racist language, hate speech or be disrespectful.
  • Abusive behavior is never allowed.
  • Never harass or annoy other users or ask for items. Do not offer other users items, gifts or prizes in exchange for anything.



 💢 No cheating allowed

We believe in a fair game. Using cheating bots, hacks, chain letters, impersonating MovieStarPlanet/BlockStarPlanet/BooniePlanet staff, game modifiers or harass other users for items is not allowed.



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  • Never cheat using bots, hacks or game modifiers.
  • Never share cheats, use cheats or talk about how to cheat.
  • Never share chain letters or spam other users.
  • Never impersonate a MovieStarPlanet/BlockStarPlanet/BooniePlanet staff member.
  • Do not try to steal or trick items from other users.



 🌐 Tip: Tip: A real moderator can be identified by its blockstar name, they are called “Moderator” followed by a number.

©️ Copyright

You may not use MovieStarPlanet/BooniePlanet/BlockStarPlanet artwork and content outside of the games and you may not monetize on our intellectual property. It is also against the rules to advertise products or services without permission. All content is the property of MovieStarPlanet group of games.




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  • You are not allowed to give away/or sell your profile/avatar/account/user
  • You are not allowed to monetize on MovieStarPlanet/BooniePlanet/BlockStarPlanet image & content
  • Do not break or attempt to break any copyright laws
  • Never advertise or try to advertise for products or services of commercial interest.



If you are unclear about the rules, just ask us!

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