How do I become VIP in BooniePlanet?

There are two ways to become VIP in BooniePlanet:

There are several packages to select from, each come with various items and different amounts of FurCoins and Crystals. This option is currently available only on the BooniePlanet app - you will have to log in to BooniePlanet on a smartphone or tablet to become VIP.

Once logged in, tap the “VIP” icon in the top right corner:

Then select the package you want and pay for it with Google Play or iTunes:

Once you become VIP you can buy additional FurCoins and Crystals.

BooniePlanet is part of MovieStarPlanet Group of Games and your MovieStarPlanet account is your main account. You can log in to MovieStarPlanet by going to and then enter your BooniePlanet username and password.

When you are VIP in MovieStarPlanet, you will also be VIP on BooniePlanet if you log in with the same username and password.

As in BooniePlanet, there are several packages to select from:

Please notice that if you become VIP in MovieStarPlanet, you get no FurCoins or Crystals with your purchase. You get StarCoins and Diamonds (the currency of MovieStarPlanet), and you will only be able to spend these on MovieStarPlanet.

Please note that you need permission from a parent or legal guardian to make purchases BooniePlanet or MovieStarPlanet.

Payments on MovieStarPlanet follow international standards for safety and fraud protection. We employ a number of anti-fraud measures, including, but not limited to, MasterCard Secure & Verified by Visa.

If you need further assistance you can contact us here.


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