I received an error code. Why?

Did you get a message saying that your account has been locked, or that it’s not possible for you to access the game at the moment?

You get the message because our moderators have observed inappropriate activities on the account or the IP address you are trying to connect from. The account or IP may have been locked by our moderators.

This may be caused by something written or created on your user, or because or actions that, for safety reasons, are unacceptable in our community.

Always play by the rules. You can read them here.


A warning or temporary lock is an opportunity for you to improve your behaviour. A temporary lock will eventually expire, which will allow you to once again access the game.

A permanent lock means that you no longer has access to your user. You may be allowed to create a new user and continue playing, but don’t forget to play by the rules.


You can find more information about your lock if you go to www.MovieStarPlanet.com and log in with your BooniePlanet username and password:

If you have received a lock number, click here to learn more.


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