Can I change my username?

Every Captain wants to have the coolest, unique and the most amazing username. And why not? After all, your username is like your first name in the virtual world.

We understand that your username is important and says lot about you. We also know that over time you might get tired of your username. You might think it is out of fashion. Or that other users don't like it as much as you expected them to.

Unfortunately, for safety reasons it’s not possible to change the username of your Captain, but remember that your username is one of the kind. No other Captain has the same username as you. You are already unique. Isn't that awesome?

If your current username bothers you so much that you don't want to play any longer. remember that you can create a new account and start the wonderful adventure all over with a super cool username of your choice. And who knows, over time you might like this new name even better.


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