What do I do if someone stole my account?

We understand that your account is very precious to you, and we want to make sure no one takes it from you.

If you know who has taken over your account, make sure to report this so our moderators can review their account and make sure they don't do it again.

If you don’t know how to report a user, you can learn about it here.

Remember the following to prevent anyone from taking your account:

  • Your password should be a secret that only you and your parents or legal guardian know
  • Your password should be complicated enough to prevent anyone from guessing it. Click here to learn about how to create a strong and safe password
  • You may lose your account by accepting another account as a gift from another user: Give-away account are usually a trap!
  • Some users may want you to change your email address. Never do that. Keep your email address a secret, and if you do need to change it, it's safest to do so with a parent or an older sibling.

We encourage you to read this article to learn more about how to keep your account safe so you never lose it again!

Now let’s see what can we do to can get your account back.


BooniePlanet is part of MovieStarPlanet Group of Games. So when you create an account on BooniePlanet, you automatically create an account on MovieStarPlanet with the same username and password, and this is where you can find all the information you need.

You can get your password back if you have played MovieStarPlanet in the past and have assigned an email to your account. Just go to www.MovieStarPlanet.com while playing on a computer and click “Forgot Password?” on the front page. Then check your inbox for an email from MovieStarPlanet. This should allow you to  pick a new password for your account.

If you never assigned an email to your account, or you can't access this email at the moment, you will have to contact Support.

Remember to include:

  • The name of the account you are trying to get back and its level
  • The MSP receipt (or other documentation) of the last purchase made for that account

We encourage you to ask an adult to help you with that. They will make sure you include everything we need

You can contact us here.


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