What will happen if I challenge Twinkler and Weelo?

You probably already saw Twinkler. It’s a special, very powerful legendary Boonie who lives in Twinkleheim, in the Treetop World. You need to collect six Jewels to unlock Twinkleheim and challenge him:

Not sure where to find those Jewels? Try to challenge Boonies who are guarding golden chests all over the Treetop World. Some of them contain Jewels that you need:

If you have enough Crystals, you can buy the golden chests for the price you see below it. They always contain Jewels that you need.

Have you already found all Jewels and unlocked Twinkleheim? It’s time to challenge Twinkler! Don’t forget to choose your best Boonies. Twinkler is very powerful, and you will need your strongest Boonies to defeat him.

You get two  amazing rewards for defeating Twinkler:

  • Huge amount of FurCoins
  • Twinkler will want to join your Family!

The same happens if you collect all Jewels in the Urban World, unlock Weelo’s Street and defeat Weelo.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have these beautiful legendary Boonies in your Family? Those two would pretty much make your Team invincible.


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