Where can I buy furniture for my Home?

Do you want your Home to look nice and cosy? Would you like some furniture for your Boonies? If so, check out the stuff in our Shop!

We have a vast selection of furniture and items that you can place in your Home to make it look just right. Find the Shop by clicking “Mall” on the world map, then go to “Home”:

Here you will find beds and pillows, windows and paint, lamps and plants… everything you need to decorate your Home.

If you want to change the colours of an item, merely click on the colourful squares at the bottom of the screen:

Once you are happy with the colours, click on the “Shopping Basket” to buy the item and place it in your Home! You buy the item by clicking on the green price button in the bottom right corner:

That’s it! Now you are ready to decorate your Home. If you are unsure how to decorate, click here. It’s easy and it’s fun!


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