How do I create a Look for my Captain?

Creating Looks for your Captain is so much fun. It’s a great way to show other players how awesome your Captain can look and it’s an easy way to earn XP. Check it out!

Go to your Wardrobe to create a Look for your Captain. You do so by clicking on your Captain in the upper left corner, then on “Wardrobe”:

Try on clothes and accessories that will make your Captain look super awesome. When you click on the items of your choice on the right side menu, your Captain will start wearing them:

Once you are happy with how your Captain looks, click on the “Create Look” button on the left side and then “Share” to save the current Look:

Now all you need to do is pick a name for your new Look and click “OK”:

That’s it. Your new Look has been saved. Now you will earn XP each time another user gives it a “Like”.

To see all Looks you have created so far, go to your Profile. Do you want to see what Looks other Captains have created? Go visit their Profiles.

Did you know that Looks have their own Highscores? Check it out! It might inspire you to create a super awesome Look for your own Captain.


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