How do I explore the Boonieverse and challenge other Boonies?

There are many different Boonies living in the Boonieverse. Did you know that your Team can challenge other Boonies to see who is stronger? You will see, it's so much fun.

To access the Boonieverse, please click "Games" on the world map, then go to “Explore”:

Here you will see all Worlds that are waiting to be explored:

Click the green “Visit” button to enter the World of your choice:

Here you will find various places to visit and many Boonies for you to challenge. Just click on the name of the map to enter it:

It’s time to have fun! Click on the Boonie of your choice and then “Challenge”:

You win a challenge by making the Boonie laugh so much that it runs out of energy. Try it out. Click on your opponent to tickle it with a feather, or try to defeat it with one of your special skills. It will laugh and lose its energy!

Check the upper right and bottom left corner to see how much energy you and your opponent have left:

Did your Boonie laugh so much that it lost all energy? Pick up another Boonie from your Team and continue to play. Just click on the green and red arrows in the bottom left corner to select another Boonie:

For each challenge you win, you receive a certain amount of FurCoins and XP points. Your Boonie will also get Happiness points that are necessary to level up. The more challenges you win, the stronger you and your Boonies will become.

Is your Team strong enough to defeat each and every Boonie in the Boonieverse? It’s time to find out.


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